Past Presidents


The 2016 Past Presidents Dinner at Napa Cafe. Thank you to sponsor Zellner Construction.

The 2016 Past Presidents Dinner at Napa Cafe. Thank you to sponsor Zellner Construction.

Established in 1953, AIA Memphis has served West Tennessee as the local chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) for over 60 years. Members of AIA from across the globe have worked with each other and their communities to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings and cityscapes. We are proud to be a part of the AIA family who over the past 150 years have advanced the profession not only through shared knowledge, but by establishing standards for education, ethics, and service to the community that brings the health, safety and welfare of our diverse communities to the forefront. Supporting our membership is a critical component of our mission.

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AIA Memphis Presidents

1953  William Cox, FAIA
1954  Robert T Martin, AIA
1955  Robert TZ Anthony, AIA
1956  Zeno Lanier Yeates, FAIA
1957  Dean Hill, AIA
1958  AL Aydelott, FAIA
1959  Thomas Faires, AIA
1960  Robert Day Smith, AIA
1961  Carl Howe, AIA
1962  Raymond Martin, AIA
1963  Wells Awsumb, AIA
1964  William H. Gaskill, AIA
1965  WD McKinnie, AIA
1966  Jasper A McFarland, AIA
1967  Lee Nicholson, AIA
1968  Francis Gassner, FAIA
1969  Mel Obrien, AIA
1970  Francis Mah, AIA
1971  Roy P Harrover, FAIA
1972  Robert Lee Hall, AIA
1973  Robert Lee Browne
1974  HG Strong
1975  Thomas M. Nathan, FAIA
1976  Antonio R. Bologna, FAIA
1977  Granville Taylor, AIA
1978  William H Beaty, FAIA
1979  Joseph T. Barnett, AIA
1980  James M. Evans, AIA
1981  James H. Lindy
1982  Metcalf Crump, FAIA
1983  Gregory O. Hnedak, FAIA
1984  David A Rhodes, FAIA
1985  Roland P. Taylor, AIA
1986  Lee Hewlett Askew III, FAIA
1987  L Kirkpatrick Bobo, FAIA
1988  Jack R. Tucker Jr, FAIA
1989  Bill Nixon
1990  H. Frank Ricks, AIA
1991  Scott Fleming, AIA
1992  David Cockrill, AIA
1993  Terry E. DeWitt, AIA
1994  John W. Mundinger Jr, AIA
1995  Robert E Horrell, Jr, AIA
1996  Richard Gardner, AIA
1997  Mark D. Weaver, FAIA
1998  John Harrison Jones, AIA
1999  Robert B. Norcross, AIA
2000  Selden P. Haizlip, FAIA
2001  Stephen C. Berger, AIA
2002  Craig N. Conrad, AIA
2003  Joey Hagan, AIA
2004  Rebecca Conrad, AIA
2005  Ken Goff, AIA
2006  Danny Valle, AIA
2007  Andy Kitsinger, AIA
2008  Jimmie Tucker, AIA
2009  Joe Wieronski, AIA
2010  Charles 'Chooch' Pickard, AIA
2011  Brett Ragsdale, AIA
2012  Josh Flowers, AIA
2013  Valentina Puppione Cochran, AIA
2014  Christopher Norton, AIA
2015  Mary Haizlip, AIA
2016 Scott Van Der Jagt, AIA