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Our mission is to promote architecture and the profession; advocate for livable and sustainable communities; and serve as a resource for our members. Architectural education at the k-12 level has become an important part of this mission with ongoing educational opportunities for 4th-12th grade students so that they may explore the many facets of architecture through a series of fun and challenging programs and events. Each program is formed around partnerships with school systems, arts and cultural organizations, and other non-profits. Contact AIA Memphis for more information at or 901.525.3818.

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Architecture+Design Summer Program

Eligibility: High School Students High School Students

The Architecture+Design Summer Program, celebrating its 13th anniversary in 2016, is an exciting summer day program developed for high school students who are interested in learning more about the art, science, and practice of design. The camp program is structured around a variety of activities including an introduction to architectural and structural concepts, computer applications, model building, and freehand drawing. The program of study also includes trips to construction projects, visits to architectural offices, and a walking tour of historic sites. Local architects, engineers, landscape architects, and other design professionals serve as guest lecturers. The camp is jointly sponsored by the Department of Architecture at The University of Memphis and AIA Memphis. The camp is held in the studios of the Department of Architecture. Space is limited and scholarships are available.

Download the 2016 Architecture+Design Summer Program application

Junior Girls Scouts Architecture Badge Day Camp

Eligibility: Active Junior Girl Scouts

This fun day camp explores architecture and design while meeting a variety of Architecture Badge requirements. Girls will discuss architectural styles; be able to identify how design is influenced by climate, culture, local resources, economics and lifestyles; explore basic interior design theory through space-making activities; and be introduced to internationally known female architects and their work. Participants will also tour South Main with local architects while exploring the art of sketching. At the end of the day, participants are awarded their Architecture Badge.

Architecture and Design Education In the Schools

Eligibility: Middle School Classrooms & Schools

AIA Memphis will be accepting applications from schools and teachers who are interested in participating in our “Architecture and Design Education In the Schools” program which includes our annual Design Competition. AIA Memphis will be selecting eligible Middle School education leaders in Memphis to explore opportunities for architecture and design based learning in and outside of the classroom. This program provides integrated learning opportunities in architecture and design education through partnerships with local architects and interior designers. Architects and teachers work together to identify architecture and design education solutions utilizing creativity, spatial relationships, team building, research, problem solving and more. The program addresses multiple curriculum requirements for a variety of class disciplines including but not limited to visual arts, geography, sciences and mathematics.

Youth and Architecture: Art Competition and Show

Eligibility: 4th through 12th Grade Students

presented by Memphis Heritage, Inc. with additional support by AIA Memphis

This project generously sponsored by the Art Center on Union.

Each year students throughout the community are invited to participate on their own or through their classroom to learn more about the built environment around them, and have the opportunity to showcase their findings through the arts. Participants are asked to explore the historic buildings and spaces around them through an art medium of their choice. In addition, participants submit a short essay describing why they chose the building/space and how they feel about the historic subject they chose. Projects are turned in throughout the year and in May during Preservation Month they are judged by architects and artists and placed on exhibit at Howard Hall, the Memphis Heritage headquarters. The Competition is open to 4th-12th graders.

The Art of Sketching

Eligibility: Middle School & High School Students

This family event encourages students to get outside and explore the environment around them. Part architecture tour, part sketching class, this event takes place at different locations throughout the year. All classes are taught by leading architectural illustrators. All materials are provided.