Planning a new home or building project? Considering a remodel or renovation? Work with an AIA Architect! Hiring an architect with the AIA credential means you are working with a licensed professional who adheres to the highest standards of practice and shares a common goal to build better places for people to live, work and play.

Whether you’re dreaming of a new home or planning a complex commercial development, the key to ensuring that your vision becomes reality is the same: involve an architect early.

Architecture involves much more than buildings. Architects take your vision and give it form, explore its possibilities, raise it to new levels, and then integrate it into your building site and the community at large. They bring not only design, but solutions. For example, buildings currently account for over 40 percent of energy consumption in the U.S. Architects, using sustainable design practices, can help negate these effects. In fact, AIA members, through their Institute, have committed to making all new and renovated buildings carbon neutral by 2030. So tap the knowledge, efficiency, environmental awareness, and brilliant design that architects bring to any project. The sooner you bring an architect on board, the more fully your vision can be realized – even exceeding your own expectations.


If you haven’t worked with an architect before, you may have questions about the value of an architect, if you need to work with an architect on your project, and the meaning behind the credentials architects have. 

Visit the below links for excellent resources on working with an architect from finding the right one, developing the relationship, understanding the services, exploring the process, contracts and more. Our favorite feature of this site is the streaming video which takes you through the process, from beginning to end, of two actual projects.

Work with an AIA Architect

How Design Works for You

How to Select an AIA Architect
Advice on selecting an architect whose personality and qualifications are a match for you and your project. 

Questions to Ask Your Architect
Twenty questions to ask your architect at the start your project. 

The Owner-Architect Agreement
Learn more about the Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, and what it means to you.  

You and Your Architect
Guidance on how to establish and benefit from the professional, business, and personal relationships between you and your architect.